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What a great bird hunt we all had at the Silver Shoe Ranch


 I have been fortunate enough to visit the Silver Shoe on numerous occasions. I have experienced almost everything the Silver shoe has to offer, and them some. My customers have enjoyed the friendly and professional atmosphere that Gary creates during the outings. My friends and I enjoy the downhome hospitality and fellowship in the great outdoors. Whatever the event, safety is always number 1. Gary does an excellent job with experienced shooters as well as the first timer. I am always looking forward to the next visit to The Silver Shoe. Thanks Gary! 1/26/2010 SR

We held a fund raiser for Duck Unlimited Dalton Chapter at your ranch yesterday. The event flowed so smoothly. The birds flew great, the weather cooperated, the facilities were fabulous, you and the staff was courteous and helpful, and best of all everyone had a great time. We had a lot of great feedback as to how great everything turned out. Thank you for hosting this event. We look forward to coming back next year. We plan on making this an annual event. 3/7/2010 DB

I was introduced to the SSR by a close friend in 2007 and have since returned for several great hunts including the Pheasant Tower Hunt. Garys knowledge down home hospitality coupled with great dogs, excellent flying birds and well developed land for wildlife habitat has provided me with some outstanding quail hunting experiences..... Thank you Gary! 9/23/2009 WF

Gary puts on a great hunt that is all about having a good time. The grounds are just perfect and the dog work is the best. Can't wait to go again! 9/2/2010 RR