Silver Shoe Ranch

Silver Shoe Ranch is a quail hunting preserve located in southern Whitfield County and extends into the northern end of Gordon County on which lies the old Confederate Railroad where several historical events took place during the Civil War, the most famous of which being the Great Locamotive Chase. This property with the help of several biologists has been managed for all types of wild life for over 25 years.  The Silver Shoe Ranch Property has been in our family for five generations.  The Quail Hunting has been in operation for over 15 years with almost 100% repeat clientele.

Any activity that implements the use of firearms requires extreme caution expecially in a hunting situation when the hunters and dogs are in the field. I highly recommend going to a clay range to become familier and comfortable with the safety and operation of your shotgun.  We will do all we can to aid you in having a safe hunt; but, it is up to you to know how to use a firearm safely.

"old times here are not forgotten"